Want to Sell Your Insurance Agency or Book of Business but don't know where to start?

Jan 09, 2019

Buying an Insurance Agency

Want to Sell Your Insurance Agency or Book of Business but don't know where to start?

Insurance Agency Owners typically sell an insurance agency once in their lifetime, whereas Insurance Agency Buyers close several transactions. This puts Sellers at a huge disadvantage since there's no prior experience to draw from. Many Agency Owners believe that since they're in the insurance business, they know how to sell an insurance agency. However, you've lived in a home your entire life, but you still hire a Realtor to your house. Whether selling an agency or Book of Business, hiring representation will pay for itself several times over.

When selling an insurance agency, there are dozens of meetings and calls with prospective buyers that make it difficult to run your business. In addition to this, when you do find a qualified buyer, you can't seem to aggressive because it gives the impression that you're desperate which puts you at a disadvantage. When Buyers point out deficiencies in the book of business, many agency owners will become defensive and before you know it, qualified buyers are no linger interested.

With representation, you have a team of people that have completed or participated in over 100 agency acquisitions and valuations over the past 12 years. Buyers can't feed us a line about value or structure because we've completed many more deals than they have.

Lastly, in 99% of cases, there are NO FEES until and unless the agency is sold. Our fees pay for themselves several times over and you don't pay anything until you receive the money from your agency sale.

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